About us

Vision22 is a well-established advertising agency with headquarters in Cairo-Egypt. We help our clients accomplish their business objectives through successful branding and creatively designed advertising campaigns. At Vision22 you will find a team of creative designers, highly-professional producers as well as superlative developers who share a passion to build enduring brands that last as a part of consumer’s lives and command their loyalty and confidence. Vision22 has the advantage of being detail-minded, flexible, cost effective and customizing our services to meet our clients’ needs


At Vision22, we have many years of experience in designing and establishing websites and various online solutions, as well as more traditional media such as print ads, flyers, brochures…etc. Our range of services are offered individually or as a part of a whole promotional solution.
Print ads
Direct marketing
Graphic design
Outdoor display


Websites \ Website analysis
Promotional micro-sites
Online ads
Banner ads
E-mail marketing
SEO (search engines optimization)


As a design agency, Vision22 extends the brand’s experience across multiple platforms. We think like our users. We create websites, promotional micro-sites, online ads, viral campaigns, 3D models, HD video, interactive presentations, logos, brochures and just about anything else that takes advantage of digital technology. We consider interactive media to be the unique opportunity to manage and measure every aspect of customer-brand relationships and brand experience. We create elegant designs, user interfaces and navigation devices that audiences find intelligent, enticing and unique. We are part of a rare breed of creative perfectionists who are constantly looking at improving things.


As a branding agency, we are defined by our devotion to the concept of brands. We believe in brands, in their power, their value, and their increasingly important place in consumer’s lives. A brand is the single most important asset a company has.

Our role at vision22 is to create attractive, attention-grasping messages, to be communicated visually and verbally across multiple platforms.

Our goal is to deliver a message that makes a true promise to the consumer, that is consistent with the brand image, and which identifies the value this brand has.


Vision22 that takes your business to a new level.
Our team of marketing consultants have launched successful marketing campaigns for a variety of companies in various industries. No matter whether you are a start-up or a large scale corporation our marketing experts can create and implement a marketing campaign.